Photo galery

The verdict

The sixth day: Anna Strasberg’s workshop

The sixth day: My Great Work from Spain

The sixth day: Circum Mortis (Sic!) from Belgium

The fifth day: Lulu from Austria

The fifth day: The Absolute Happiness of a Fly or Salvador Dali’s Latest Mystification from Czech Republic

The fourth day: Bastards in the Mind from Italy

The fourth day: Red Light Winter from USA

The fourth day: In treatment from Poland

The fourth day: the conference

The third day: Slow Sound of Snow from Iran

The third day: The Stone from Poland

The second day: The Little Mermaid –  the Wedding from Poland

The second day: The Pursuit of Happiness from Germany

The second day: This Property is Condemned from Lithuania

The first day: The Freak Child from Spain

The opening ceremony


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